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Sword and Armor Use

Posted in Sword & Armor Care at 11:56 am by Administrator

Templar Sword by MartoI want to talk a little bit about how you can use your replicas from A2 Armory. I’ve had some customers damage their items by using them for tasks they are not meant for. Even battle worthy swords and armor up to SCA standards will crack, dent, bend, or break eventually. If you intend to use your sword for any kind of battle make sure you buy one that can take it. Here is a link to the SCA Marshal Armor Requirements Handbook, it describes in detail the specifications needed to compete in battle. Swords that meet these standards will stand up to hard use much longer than replica swords.

Your average sword or armor replica is meant for only for display or costuming. You can wave it around and practice moves with it but it should never really come in contact with anything but the air. A typical replica sword blade is made of cast metal or stainless steel and will crack or shatter if it strikes any surface harder than it. It’s not a strong construction, that’s why it’s meant only for show.

Some people say that carbon steel weapons can be used for stage combat, I would say only at your own risk. Carbon steel is more forgiving than stainless but it’s still rather brittle. Swords that can be used in battle are made of spring steel. This is incredibly flexible which makes it much less likely to break when struck. There are different qualities of spring steel and different forging methods used to create their edges. You need to know what you’re going to use it for and be sure you get the right thing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Another thing to consider if you plan to use your sword for anything other than display is its balance. Balance plays a big role how comfortable the sword will feel in your hands and how well you will be able to wield it. If your sword is balanced properly you should be able to place the flat part of the blade just above the handle on your index finger and not have to tilt in any way to keep it there. It should teeter only slightly with the natural movement of your body but not overbalance in either direction.

A good way to help ensure good balance is to buy a sword that has full tang construction. Full tang means the blade doesn’t end where it meets the handle but continues through the handle. This also makes for a much stronger blade. Full tang swords aren’t that prevalent so don’t assume that’s what you’re getting unless it says so somewhere in the ad or you’ve spoken to the person you are buying it from.

If you’re into medieval replicas collecting them is exciting and lots of fun. You just have to understand that they need love and care. It’s not too hard or time consuming to do and it will keep your weaponry collection looking new for years to come.

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Swords For Your Sweetheart

Posted in Weapons on Sale at 9:13 am by Administrator

Templar SwordIt’s the month of love! How are you going to show your special Lord or Lady just how much you care this year?

How about a sword or dagger?

A2 Armory is celebrating love with the Swords For Your Sweetheart Sale. Take an instant 10% off any order that includes a dagger or sword. Simply enter coupon code sweetswords at checkout to give the sexiest gift a knight can imagine.

And we’re not cutting this sale off at Valentine’s Day either, it goes all month. Why? Because we love you and know these things can’t be rushed ;)

So be sure to check out the Sword Sale at A2 Armory this month to save. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Pirate Dagger Pistol Winner Is…

Posted in A2 Armory Giveaways at 2:05 pm by Administrator

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Pirate Dagger Pistol Giveaway, the winner is #6 - Brian Shelton! Congratulations Brian!

I have just sent you an email please respond with your shipping information and I will send your Pirate Pistol out straight away.

We would love to see pictures of you with the pistol, if you’re so inclined please feel free to send them and I will post them on the blog. We will be having another giveaway in a few weeks and another random winner will be chosen! Thanks again to everyone for entering!

And remember visit A2 Armory for other great weapons and be sure to take advantage of our After The Holidays Sale that’s still going on. Save 15% on your entire order with coupon code: afterholiday.

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Woohoo, It’s Another A2 Armory Giveaway Contest!

Posted in A2 Armory Giveaways at 1:29 pm by Administrator

We’re giving away a free Pirate Dagger Pistol to a randomly chosen winner. No purchase is necessary, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what you love about Pirates, their weapons, or a really good Pirate joke and you could be the winner.

Pirate Dagger Pistol

This 14 1/2 inch replica of an early 19th Century Pirate Pistol would be great for Pirate costumes or just a cool display piece. It features a 10 inch blade and metal and simulated brass hardware.The winner will be announced on Friday, January 29th at 2pm EST. Please email me any questions and leave your comment below!

This is a fantastic, eye-catching piece great for display in your home or office. The blade is unsharpened and the pistol cannot be made to fire a projectile, but you can have a lot of fun dry firing it!

Visit A2 Armory for other great weapons and be sure to take advantage of our After The Holidays Sale that’s still going on. Save 15% on your entire order with coupon code: afterholiday.

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Get What You Really Wanted For Christmas

Posted in Holiday Armor at 12:22 pm by Administrator

Medieval Battle AxeYeah that sweater is nice and toasty, and yes you have to admit the chocolate truffles were more than delicious… but you were totally hoping for a kick ass battle axe. You told everyone about it and sent links to make it easy to buy, but it didn’t happen. Damn. I know, but there’s no need to cry my friend, A2 Armory has just what you need to chase off those Post Christmas blues.

We’re running a Get What You Really Wanted For Christmas Sale! Take 15% off anything and everything in the store by using coupon code: afterholiday. Don’t pine away for that weapon for another year, treat yourself and save big at the same time.

A2 Armory is all about making people happy, that’s in our mission statement. We love our customers and we know that not everyone understands medieval collectors or reenactors. We do and we want you to get exactly what you wanted for the holidays… at a discount. Visit A2 Armory now to find exactly what you wanted for Christmas.

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There Is Still Time To Get Your Sword By Christmas!

Posted in Weapons on Sale at 11:18 am by Administrator

Flinltock PistolEverything in the store is already marked down 10-50% AND you get a whopping 15% off your entire order during the A2 Armory Super December Sale!

While supplies last we’re giving away a FREE Hand Painted Medieval Pen Set with every order over $75! It makes a great gift for yourself or for your favorite medieval knight

Guaranteed Delivery Shipping Cut-Off Dates:
Ground: 12/16
3 Day: 12/20
Overnight: 12/22

Tomorrow is the cut-off for guaranteed ground shipping. Be sure to get your orders in by 3pm EST!

Use coupon code: decembersale at checkout to instantly save 15% no matter how big or small your order. Happy Christmas from A2 Armory.

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Only Two Weeks Left!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 3:32 pm by Administrator

Free Medieval Pen SetThere are only two weeks left before Christmas Eve but there is still time to get your shopping done! And the deals are still rolling. Right now save a whopping 15% on everything in the store - swords, battle axes, shields, and other awesome gifts.

Use coupon code: decembersale at checkout to instantly save 15% no matter how big or small your order. Happy Christmas from A2 Armory.
Guaranteed Holiday Delivery Shipping Cut-Off Dates:
Ground: 12/16
3 Day: 12/20
Overnight: 12/22

And remember you also get a free set of hand painted medieval pens with all orders over $75. These pens make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your boss.

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Black Friday Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 10:43 am by Administrator

Free Armory GiftHappy Thanksgiving! We at A2 Armory are thankful this year for the continued support of our customers and to show our gratitude we’re giving away a FREE GIFT with orders over $75.

This hand painted medieval pen set is an awesome gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself. And it’s totally free while supplies last.

But wait there’s more… This weekend you can save 15% on everything in the store with our Big Black Friday Sale! Use coupon code blackfriday at checkout to save 15% off your entire order.

This is the weekend to order your Christmas gifts. Don’t wait, get your shopping done now and save big on all things medieval! Go to A2 Armory Medieval Weapons now to get your holiday shopping done right.

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Braveheart Sword Sale - The Most Awesome Gift of the Year

Posted in Weapons on Sale at 2:00 pm by Administrator

Braveheart SwordBraveheart is one my favorite films and William Wallace’s claymore sword is one of my favorite swords. It’s a physical representation of what Wallace stood for - freedom.

I have this sword displayed in my own home, that’s how fond of it I am. And right now I’m offering it to you at a discount so you can buy it for your favorite revolutionist as the most awesome Christmas gift of the year.

Use coupon code: freedomthanks at checkout to get an instant 10% discount on the Braveheart Claymore Sword.

It’s 52 inches overall. The grip is of distressed leather. It looks and feels completely authentic, it is fun sword to hold. The hilt and pommel are both either real C-854 brass or Silver finish, not electroplated. This makes the sword stronger and more valuable. This sword comes with the real leather scabbard pictured at no additional cost.

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Oh My Goodness It’s Time For Halloween!

Posted in Medieval Costumes at 10:35 am by Administrator

Yes it is. I don’t care that it’s the beginning of September, that’s close enough for me! I already have most of my costume. I went with a mythical creature last year and a pirate the year before so I’m going totally medieval this year. Below is the dress I’ll be wearing… yeah I know it’s hot, I’m excited. I’m also going to get an authentic pair of shoes. These to be exact:

Lady Jane Dress             Divit Toed Medieval Shoes
I have some friends trying to talk me into being the Zombie Lady Jane but they haven’t fully convinced me yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I will post pictures either way :)

So if you’re looking for medieval, pirate, colonial, or fantasy costumes get your orders in soon. These costumes are already in high demand and you don’t want to be left out in the cold holding your sword.

Check out A2 Armory’s full costumes lines:

Men’s Medieval Costumes

Women’s Medieval Costumes

Pirate Costumes

Medieval Shoes

And don’t forget to accessorize to get the full effect!

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