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Get What You Really Wanted For Christmas

Posted in Holiday Armor at 12:22 pm by Administrator

Medieval Battle AxeYeah that sweater is nice and toasty, and yes you have to admit the chocolate truffles were more than delicious… but you were totally hoping for a kick ass battle axe. You told everyone about it and sent links to make it easy to buy, but it didn’t happen. Damn. I know, but there’s no need to cry my friend, A2 Armory has just what you need to chase off those Post Christmas blues.

We’re running a Get What You Really Wanted For Christmas Sale! Take 15% off anything and everything in the store by using coupon code: afterholiday. Don’t pine away for that weapon for another year, treat yourself and save big at the same time.

A2 Armory is all about making people happy, that’s in our mission statement. We love our customers and we know that not everyone understands medieval collectors or reenactors. We do and we want you to get exactly what you wanted for the holidays… at a discount. Visit A2 Armory now to find exactly what you wanted for Christmas.

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Only Two Weeks Left!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 3:32 pm by Administrator

Free Medieval Pen SetThere are only two weeks left before Christmas Eve but there is still time to get your shopping done! And the deals are still rolling. Right now save a whopping 15% on everything in the store - swords, battle axes, shields, and other awesome gifts.

Use coupon code: decembersale at checkout to instantly save 15% no matter how big or small your order. Happy Christmas from A2 Armory.
Guaranteed Holiday Delivery Shipping Cut-Off Dates:
Ground: 12/16
3 Day: 12/20
Overnight: 12/22

And remember you also get a free set of hand painted medieval pens with all orders over $75. These pens make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your boss.

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Black Friday Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 10:43 am by Administrator

Free Armory GiftHappy Thanksgiving! We at A2 Armory are thankful this year for the continued support of our customers and to show our gratitude we’re giving away a FREE GIFT with orders over $75.

This hand painted medieval pen set is an awesome gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself. And it’s totally free while supplies last.

But wait there’s more… This weekend you can save 15% on everything in the store with our Big Black Friday Sale! Use coupon code blackfriday at checkout to save 15% off your entire order.

This is the weekend to order your Christmas gifts. Don’t wait, get your shopping done now and save big on all things medieval! Go to A2 Armory Medieval Weapons now to get your holiday shopping done right.

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Happy New Year!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 2:45 pm by Administrator

So, I know this post is a couple days late, sorry gang I’ve been really sick. Laid up for over a week, what a way to spend the holidays right? Oh well, I’m running at about 80% today and I figured that was good enough to write a quick post.

So let’s talk resolutions. In 2009 A2 Armory resolves to:

  • Offer more medieval weapons at bigger discounts
  • Bring in new lines from other eras for reenactors
  • Run specials for all and super discounts for loyal customers
  • Get some fun video and other media pages up on the site

I’m sure there is more, we have big plans here at HQ but at the moment those are the ones I can put into words :)

So let me sign off for now, I still need rest to recover from this blasted flu but before I go here is a new blog only coupon for my dear readers. Use newyearblog at checkout for a whopping 10% discount on any order over $50 until the end of the month. Here’s to starting 2009 kickass style!

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Last Days to Order for Christmas!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 3:22 pm by Administrator

Get your orders in now, just a few days left to make sure you get your medieval gifts in time for the holidays. Remember that the shipping companies are super busy this time of year so regular delivery times are extended.

You can still get a great discount too by using decarmorsale at checkout to get a huge 12% off any order over $50! Don’t miss out, now’s the time to get that sword you’ve had your eye on, who says you’re not allowed to buy gifts for yourself around the holidays!

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Cut off for Ground Shipping is tomorrow!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 4:09 pm by Administrator

Get your orders in today! The shipping companies cut off for guaranteed delivery by the 24th via ground shipping is tomorrow! After 3pm tomorrow we won’t be able to guarantee delivery by the holidays for anything sent ground. There is a chance it will get to you if you wait but that chance grows smaller and smaller with each passing day, get your orders in now!

I figure the holidays are stressful enough without having to worry whether your gifts are going to arrive on time so I like to keep my customers abreast of the cut off dates. We will always be happy to ship using whatever method you prefer but we can’t make the shipping companies work faster so we are all left to their mercy.

So I just wanted to give you all a heads up because I love you so much and I want your holiday to be as perfect as you want it to be! The huge holiday sale is still going on, so be sure to visit A2 Armory for medieval weapons at a discount this holiday!

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December Holiday Sale!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 4:25 pm by Administrator

Woohoo, Christmas time is here! Time to get your holiday shopping in full swing, do you know what you’re getting your friends and loved ones this year? Check out A2 Armory Medieval Weapons for killer gifts no one will see coming.

If you know anyone who isn’t expecting a sword this year, get them the William Wallace Braveheart Sword, they will love you for it! Nobody wants sweaters, they want helmets and shields, be the most awesome Santa you can be with A2 Armory!

And because I love my blog readers so damn much, here is another unadvertised discount just for you. Use coupon code decarmorsale at checkout to get a huge 12% off any order over $50. Happy Holidays!

Armory Santa
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Halloween At A2 Armory!

Posted in Holiday Armor at 4:46 pm by Administrator

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I was a pirate last year, yarrrrg! I’m still not sure what I’m going to go for this year, I’m thinking beer wench would be fun, what do you think?

In honor of both this wonderful holiday and my undying love for you blog readers, I’m offering another blog only special! Use coupon code: halloweena2blog at checkout to save 7% off your entire order. I don’t care if you’re buying for halloween or not, I just want to offer you guys a special discount for reading my posts.

So enjoy this holiday. I’m sure I’ll talking more about it during the coming month and I’ll post some pictures of my pirate costume from last year and whatever I end up being this year.

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A2 Armory Holiday Shipping

Posted in Holiday Armor at 7:51 pm by Administrator

This is the last week for guaranteed delivery by the 24th, get your medieval armor and weapons order in now! This is also the last week for the A Squared Armory Super Sales Event. Don’t miss your opportunity to get 10% off everything in the store including battle axes, medieval swords, flintlock pistols, practice swords, and more! These are the lowest armor prices you’ll see all year, suit up for less!

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Once Upon An Armory Holiday

Posted in Holiday Armor at 7:13 pm by Administrator

Once Upon A Holiday, people swarmed the mall
Looking for the perfect gift, but found nothing at all.
They sat in traffic, bored to tears
The short drive home felt like years.
They ran out of gas and had no one they could call.

Later on that evening, while sitting in despair
They got an email and sat bolt upright in their chair.
Once Upon A Holiday Sale?
They cheered - this could never fail!
They clicked and smiled knowing that this offer would be fair.

A 300 replica fantasy mask?
“Where did you find that?”, everyone would ask.
“A Squared Armory, of course”, you’d say.
“They have the lowest prices everyday!
Plus they have lots of 300 items, not just the mask!”

“That’s also where I got that custom shield for Dad
With the handpainted family crest…minus the plaid.
And that awesome Braveheart Sword for Bill
Who swears it’s the same sword from the movie…still!
The helmets, shields and weapons would make any collector glad!”

“They even had Civil War weapons for Grandpop!
I know I keep going but I just cannot stop!
I bought him a Western Rifle, with the brass stock
And even got myself an English Flintlock!
You know that these gifts won’t be a flop!”

Check out our sale and we know you’ll agree
We have something that will fill everyone will glee!
So if you are looking for the perfect gifts
And don’t want to go to the mall and perish of fits
Shop and Save with A Squared Armory!

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